ssht - a shortcut right into your tmux session

ssht is not exactly new, but I’ve never blogged about it and it’s a really handy timesaver. If you are working on the terminal a lot, there is a big chance, that you are using tmux. tmux allows you to have multiple windows and panes in one shell - locally and remote.

Now ssht allows you to ssh to a remote computer and directly connect to a running tmux session. If there is no tmux session a new session is created. That’s it.



You can either copy the tmux sh script to your $PATH or create your own package with fpm. You can find a Makefile in the GitHub repository. Dependent on your packaging system you just have to enter make package_deb or make package_rpm and then install the generated package.


I’m offering a homebrew tap to install ssht:

brew tap brejoc/tap && brew install ssht