SuperGenPass implemented in Go

Last year I’ve started a port of SuperGenPass in Go. After my initial release Mathias Gumz totally dominate the project and made huge improvements. gosgp was born – a command-line application to generate passwords for domains (or any other string you enter).

Since I’m still using SuperGenPass for many Passwords, gosgp is something I install frequently on my Linux boxes. Recently a new Macbook found its way into my bag and I had to compile gosgp again for OS X. Not a problem at all, but I got reminded of the homebrew tap for ssht and decided to throw together a recipe.

So, it is now possible to install gosgp with two easy commands:

$ brew tap brejoc/tap
$ brew install gosgp

I’ve just realized, that I haven’t published the Makefile I’m using to build Linux packages. Well, here it is!

You can just clone the git repo, install fpm and Go and enter make package_deb or make package_rpm. You’ll directly get a shiny new Debian or RPM package.