Is Freya released yet?

Once uppon a time there has been a website called Is Freya released yet, that is no longer needed. Why? Because the Beta 1 of elementary OS has been released and it looks awesome. So IFRY is no longer needed, but I’d like to publish some numbers here:

99,783 unique visitors with 581,546 total requests in roughly two month. Nearly 9,700 visitors a day. Most of the visitors already run Linux (52,336), but 19,408 visitors used Windows. I guess the 20,393 visitors with Unknown Operating Systems are using iOS or Android.
Most people visited IFRY directly. G+ brought 11,847 visitors and (don’t know what it is) 7,436. Interestingly reddit and are nearly on par with 5,592 and 4,333 visitors.
And a whole bunch of people googled for the URL. ;)

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